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This year died King Edward at Farndon in Mercia; and Elward his son died very soon after this, in Oxford. Their bodies lie at Winchester. And Athelstan was chosen king in Mercia, and consecrated at Kingston. He gave his sister to Otho, son of the king of the old-Saxons. St. Dunstan was now born; and Wulfhelm took to the archbishopric in Canterbury. This year King Athelstan and Sihtric king of the Northumbrians came together at Tamworth, the sixth day before the calends of February; and Athelstan gave away his sister to him.

(Ingram, p.83)

Athelstan, grandson of Alfred, had himself crowned at Kings-ton (King's town), the modern Kingston-on-Thames; he grandiosely took to calling himself "King of all Britain", and he confirmed his authority, over England at least, by defeating an invading force of Scots and Irish in a bloodthirsty battle.

(Lacey, p.34-35)