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In this year was Ethelgar consecrated bishop, on the sixth day before the nones of May, to the bishopric of Selsey; and in the same year was Southampton plundered by a pirate-army, and most of the population imprisoned. And the same year was the Isle of Thanet overrun, and the county of Chester was plundered by the pirate-army of the North. In this year Alderman Alfere fetched the body of the holy King Edward at Wareham, and carried him with great solemnity to Shaftsbury.

(Ingram, p.99)

In November Gerbert of Aurillac (Pope Sylvester II) triumphed in a day-long debate at Ravenna where his quickness of wit earned victory for the proposition that physics is a branch of mathematics, not a separate discipline in its own right.

(Lacey, p.189)